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For many woodworking enthusiasts, DIY Smart Saw may no longer be a strange thing. In fact, many carpenters rely on this book for most of their wood projects. So what are the honest truths behind the popularity of this book? Let this DIY Smart Saw Review debunk the reasons for its fame.

For those who have just heard about DIY Smart Saw the first time, let me explain quickly. It is a woodworking guide teaching how to make a CNC machine at home. This book is a great help for those yearning for DIY wood projects at home.

DIY Smart Saw Review on General Info

Author: Alex Grayson

Product Name: DIY Smart Saw

Type: Digital Product

Format: Ebook

Instruction Format: PDF, Interact Viewer, Video

Price: $39

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Payment Support: VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express

Ease of Use: Excellent

Rating: 9/10

Official Website: Click HERE

What is DIY Smart Saw?

DIY Smart Saw is a digital ebook that offers a complete guide on how to make a CNC machine at home. Inside this book, there are PDF instruction, over-the-shoulder training video, and interactive viewer tool giving the A-to-Z walkthrough on DIY CNC machine for any woodworking project.

This course helps to make any DIY woodwork easier than ever. It shows exactly what you need and how to do from the very beginning of the project. There is no puzzle, no hassle, and no missing piece. It thus enhances the productiveness and efficiency of the work, making joinery much more pleasurable.

What I really appreciate about this course is that it even shows how to personalize different elements/components of the project to fit different taste and preference. It thus fulfills any gout in wood furniture designing. Its concept does not restrict to any particular theme. As a result, users of any design style can make the best out of this course.

About Author

Alex Grayson has long been an expert in both engineering and woodworking. And maybe for this reasons, his projects and instructions have high values in both applicability and aesthetics. Alex has been spending most of his life investigating on how the woodwork goes or anything that he could have his hands on.

DIY Smart Saw is one of his most successful projects with most of his effort and time on research and development. After many years of working on the course, he created DIY Smart Saw as a no-brainer solution for any woodworking enthusiast. He even claimed that “you don’t even need to rewind the video to make sure you’re doing right”.

The author of DIY Smart Saw loves to talk about his creation on his website, which is full of pictures of multifunctional furniture, ornate birdhouse, elaborate hardwood flooring system, etc. All of them are the results of using the smart saw. And with his step-by-step instruction, anyone can do the same projects for themselves.

DIY Smart Saw Review on Values & Benefits

PDF step-by-step instruction

This comprehensive instruction offers four major steps to build a CNC machine for wood carving. All the steps come with illustrations and detailed guidance on construction. As my DIY Smart Saw Review already stated, everything is clear and highly understandable. As creating a smart saw requires accuracy in every step, this course puts this requirement in mind and offers the most comprehensive instruction possible.

Written manual

Besides the A-to-Z instruction of building a smart saw, this book also contains the written manual from the author. This manual is full of useful tips, notes, and warnings to ensure you do the right things from the very beginning. You won’t find anything like this anywhere on the Internet or any other source. The tips, tricks, and techniques are the results of what Alex has been accumulated for years.

Full list of tools and components

The instruction comes with the list of every tool and component to make the CNC machine. Also, there are several recommendations on choosing what to use and how to use them effectively. In other words, the guidance ensures each part is an easy fit. And you are problem-free during the entire project.

Follow-along video

As a complement to the DPF and written instructions, DIY Smart Saw offers a series of over-the-shoulder videos. Alex wants to ensure that everyone following this instruction can visualize the process and do exactly what he showed. By watching the tutorial videos, there will be nothing to be unsure of, and there is no stone that is left unturned.

Interactive viewer tool

This tool is what my DIY Smart Saw Review appreciates the most from this course. You will see clearly every component and assembly direction of the project. It offers a 3D approach to the instruction, giving you a close look at what the project will be like from any angle of your choice. Thus, it ensures the flawless work output by all means.

101 Woodworking

This book also comes with a list of recommendation furniture that you can create using the smart saw. Users will have a broad variety of choices for the usage of the CNC machine. And doing the wood works will be more enjoyable than ever. You will easily find out thousands of ideas for using the smart saw for making home wood furniture.

24/7 support

DIY Smart Saw provides lifetime support inside the member area. If you have any question relating to woodworking or creating and using the smart saw, you can submit your inquiries via email. I have to admit that the support team is highly responsive. It seems like there is a big team working backstage making them available for help all the time.

How does the CNC machine/ smart saw work?

Smart saw, or CNC machine is a saw utilizing computer numerical control to process the wood according to the preset specifications. It helps the woodwork much more cutting-edge and efficient. Instead of eye-measuring cutting and carving wood, this machine moves exactly how the user wants it. And the best thing about this saw is that it comes with 100% accurate measurements.

The CNC machine applies a simple cutting mechanism that works on any type of wood. As it uses computer numerical control, the commands of the computer will make the woodwork right according to user’s expectation. When using a smart saw, all it takes is simply putting in wood and enter the numbers.

The smart saw moves in many different directions according to user’s command. Thus, using a smart saw/CNC machine offers more saving in time and effort. It is also safer and more accurate that manual processing the wood. The quality of the result coming out is perfect; there is no need to manual fixing and repairment.

How to Download DIY Smart Saw

The course comes with downloadable PDF instructions and videos. You can download them with just one click. Inside the member area, there are download sections for the instruction and component plans. Also, you can easily get the videos to your desktop with the highest resolution.

Besides the instruction, plan, and videos, DIY Smart Saw also offers the Interactive Viewer. This viewer tool works on Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. So you don’t have to worry about the compatibility of your desktop’s platform. It works on all major platforms without any lag or bug.

Last but very not least, the 101 Woodworking is a massive bonus. And it is also 100% downloadable. This extra course consists of 5 different modules on woodworking, and all of them are ready-to-download with just one click. In other words, once you get into the member area, the full courses are there ready to use.

Who Should Buy It?

Woodworking enthusiasts

Anyone curious and interested in woodworking and joinery should go for DIY Smart Saw. This course is the one and only comprehensive, and real-working walkthrough to building a smart saw for any woodwork project. If you are looking for something innovative for your DIY project, this book is a perfect choice.

Joinery content creators

If you are looking for new and unique content for your joinery website/blog/tutorial sessions, DIY Smart Saw is ideal for you. As this DIY Smart Saw Review already mentioned, this book includes the secret tips, tricks, and techniques that Alex Grayson has accumulated himself. There is nothing like what he is doing, and it will be a great reference for your work of content research.

Novices in the field

You don’t need to an expert to enjoy reading and watching the instructions. Everything inside this book is highly actionable and easy to understand. Even if you have never done any woodwork before, reading DIY Smart Saw is an excellent way to start pursuing your interests. Alex has made it super easy to follow and apply.

DIY Smart Saw Review on Pros & Cons


  • No more guesswork

There is now no need for eye measuring methods and manual processing tasks. Once you have a smart saw for yourself, it should be no longer any guess work. Every measurement is 100% accurate without any need for fixing. DIY Smart Saw is the key to productive woodworking for any carpenter and woodworking enthusiast.

  • Cost-effective

We all know that a CNC machine often fluctuates around $2,000. But with DIY Smart Saw, you can now build one with the highly accessible components. And the price will not be over than $500. This is a huge saving on both the short and the long run. It saves your money to spend to hire other to make the woodwork for you, as now you can do everything by yourself. And it saves you more than a thousand of dollars to spend on buying a brand-new CNC machine that costs an arm and a leg.

  • Easy to follow

This value is what my DIY Smart Saw Review really wants to emphasize. This course is compatible with all levels or users. Whether you are a complete newbie or an experienced oldie in the field, you will be enjoying this book. It’s a guide for everyone, as long as you like to have your own DIY project, you can do it with ease.

  • Highly affordable

I don’t think there is any other better deal than DIY Smart Saw. Alex put everything inside the book and set it at a one-time low price. If you are yearning for an A-to-Z guidance, DIY Smart Saw is the exact answer for you. This price cannot be any more reasonable.

  • 100% work

For those who are looking for a credit for the performance of DIY Smart Saw, here is your answer. This course does really help to make the CNC machine, as long as you follow the steps it takes. Even though the building process may take you a whole afternoon to complete, the result’s worth your effort.


  • No hard copy

As far as I know, there is no hard copy of this book in any bookstore. The only way to get it is to buy it online and get access to the member area. Even though the soft copy is still a huge advantage when it comes to mobility, a hard copy of the book may be better for those who want the feeling of reading an actual book.

  • Not for the lazy

Although DIY Smart Saw is easy to follow, it is not for those with low commitment. If you want to make it work, you have to strictly follow every single step in the process. There is no place for those who don’t want to exert any effort and expect to have the charm to happen. Creating a DIY CNC machine is not difficult at all, but you need to spend your time on it.

DIY Smart Saw Review the FAQs

Is it possible to extend the dimensions of the Smart Saw?

Yes, definitely.

Specifically, the overall size is 740mm x 1,200mm x 1610 mm and the size of the carving/ cutting area is 372 mm x 385mm x 135 mm (Width x Length x Height). And you can extend the dimension of the CNC machine in the same building process.

What software commands the smart saw?


It works on most PC to control motors’ motions via G-Code. The G-Code monitors the machine in its directions. In this case, it makes the saw move to create the shape you want. To generate G-Code, use CAM software to process the .dxf file from CAD. Otherwise, you can use V-Carve Pro; it is both CAD and CAM.

Is it possible to download the materials to my desktop?

Yes, definitely.

You can also burn them to DVD, but please note that the files are not for rent after this.

Can Smart Saw cut through aluminum and Plexiglas?

Yes, it can, but not all.

The Smart Saw can cut through any kind of plastic, and Plexiglas is not a problem. However, it can only cut through mill aluminum using the feeding speeds and right end mills.

How to set up Smart Saw?

Don’t worry; it has a full tutorial showing you how. You can find it in the 101 Woodworking section.

DIY Smart Saw the Bottom Line

To make a long story short, DIY Smart Saw is a straightforward and powerful walkthrough for building a CNC machine. It optimizes the woodworking projects and ensures the enjoyable experience when using. It’s time to end this DIY Smart Saw Review here. And if you are looking for a complete blueprint to build a smart saw by yourself with great ease, there’s no point in hesitating. Grab DIY Smart Saw ASAP.

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